What is the "High Conflict" course in Calgary?

As a divorce lawyer in Calgary, I am frequently asked by clients: What is the Parenting After Separation for Families in High Conflict Course? In essence, the course is designed to assist parties that are experiencing high levels of conflict arising from their separation. In Calgary, it is a 3 hour course that may be taken by parties if a Court directs them to take it, or if they decide to take it voluntarily. The parties are not permitted to attend the course together and the person attending is required to have already attended the Parenting After Separation course. The course covers topics such as: Parenting plans for high conflict families; Renegotiation boundaries; Anger, abuse, power

How do I obtain support after separating from my spouse or partner in Calgary?

As a divorce and family lawyer in Calgary, I believe that the question I am most often asked by clients at an initial interview is: How do I obtain support after separating from my spouse or partner? Fortunately, the answer to that particular question is relatively straightforward. It is to simply ask your former partner or spouse to pay child support and/or spousal/partner support. If the other party is unwilling to do so, then most clients are usually best advised to make an immediate Application to the Court for child support, for spousal/partner support, or for both. Such Applications can be made even if divorce proceedings have not been started. If they are made quickly after the