Is it possible to obtain a passport for my child if my spouse will not sign the Application form?

As a divorce lawyer in Calgary, I have to admit that I am somewhat amazed by the number of occasions that I have witnessed a parent refusing to sign the Application form that the other parent has asked them to sign so as to enable their child to obtain a passport. Fortunately, the Courts in Calgary are well used to dealing with Applications to remedy the situation. The situation arises because of Passport Canada's insistence that both parents sign the Application form. Clearly, this is to ensure that one parent does not inappropriately apply for a passport without the other parent's knowledge. However, it also has the unfortunate effect that, when one parent unreasonably refuses to do so, t

Can the 12 month period for divorce be shortened?

As a Divorce Lawyer in Calgary, one of the questions I am frequently asked is: Can the 12 month period for divorce be shortened? When I am asked this question my usual response is: What 12 month period? It is my experience that many people believe that they cannot file a divorce action until they have been separated for 12 months. This is simply not true. Separation of at least a year is one of the ways the parties may prove that there has breakdown of their marriage. However, if this is selected, it is possible to file a divorce action with the Court if the parties have only just separated. So, for example, the parties may have had an argument over breakfast and they decide to separate