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What is the Focus on Communication in Separation Course?

The Focus on Communication in Separation Course is a course that is available to parents and guardians that have separated.

It is a 6 hour course that is offered in Calgary and 6 other locations in Alberta.

There is no charge to attend the course and it is recommended that the course is taken separately from the other parent or guardian.

While the course is primarily designed to assist the parties cope with custody, access, guardianship and parenting that relate to the children, the topics taught are also applicable to minimise confrontation when also dealing with issues such as divorce, separation, child support, spousal support and division of matrimonial property.

In essence, the primary focus of the course is to inform parties of how parenting conflict impacts a child's listening skills; anger triggers; how mindsets affect responses to events and perceptions; how communication and misunderstanding are affected by perceptions; and how best to express feeling.

This a link to a website that expands upon the above summary: Focus on Communication in Separation course.

If you have any questions regarding the above, or if you have need to speak to a family lawyer or divorce lawyer in Calgary, please either contact me via email using this link, or call me on 403-538-2105.

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